Multi-sensor sorting system for plastics recycling

Application Profile
  • detects and separates all magnetic and non-magnetic metals
  • separates metals and non-metals
Inspection of
  • bulk materials
Material flow
  • belt conveyors
  • chutes
  • bulk material columns
  • vibration feeder

  • Universal system for plastics recycling

  • Effective contamination detection and separation

  • Guaranteed highest recycled product purity

  • Customer and application specific solutions

Product description
The FLAKE PURIFIER M is a metal separation system, developed to analyse PET flakes and used to separate metal particles. New micro processor technology enables precise localisation of metal particles and separation with minimal loss of good material.

The FLAKE PURIFIER series is based on a modular concept in which up to three sensors can be combined. In addition to metal separation, the FLAKE PURIFIER can also perform colour separation and contamination detection (e.g. different types of plastics). 

  • Modular design facilitates future updates

  • Remote maintenance and automatic monitoring

  • VISUTEC data management system integration

Optional Equipment

• Near infrared sensor to detect different types of plastic • Optical sensor to detect different colours


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