Hopper magnet

Application Profile
  • separates all magnetic metal
Inspection of
  • bulk materials
  • dry
  • free-flowing
Material flow
  • free-fall

  • Separation of coarse ferrous contaminants

  • Increase of product quality

  • Installation in hoppers

  • Easy handling

  • Insignificant initial costs

  • Reduction of cost-intensive repair works

Product description
Permanent-magnetic grid magnets of type GMT & GML predominantly are used in the plastics industry for the separation of coarse ferrous contaminants. Ferrous particles are filtered out of the bulk material while the rest of the material passes the magnet grid. It is recommended to regularly check the magnet to make sure that contaminants are not knocked off.
The low purchase costs provide excellent benefit that often results in a considerably improved product quality and in a reduction of expensive repairs. 

  • Sufficient magnetic performance

  • The magnet power is provided by ferrite magnets

  • Can be used in hoppers

  • Magnets are protected by stainless steel tubes


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