Wood recycling is the re-feeding of used wood and waste wood (old furniture, pallets, crates, production waste from sawmills, joiner's workshops, furniture producers, and from the paper industry) into the economic cycle. For recycling, any contaminant materials such as plastics and metals must be removed from the shredded wood. Recycled wood primarily is used as a raw material in the particle board industry.

The VARISORT C uses an advanced optical sensor capable of differentiating optically different materials precisely and consistently at high speed. It is particularly applicable in the separation of plastic bottles by colour and metals.
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The VARISORT M metal contamination separator consistenly and accurately reliably removes all kinds of metals from mixed material s. Some metal separators can have difficulty separating, for example, stainless steel, this is absolutely no problem with the VARISORT M – irrespective of the type of metal. A major application is the recovery of metal from light shredder fractions. In electronic scrap processing the VARISORT M is a cost effective and economic solution to the problem of recovering metals from crushed feedstock.
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The VARISORT N, utilising multiple spectrum analysis based on reflected light, separates out of specification contaminants from plastic material flows. High quality, high purity plastic fractions are the result, ready for subsequent processing is a high-quality plastic fraction.
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The MAG 4300 series of metal separators, used in glass recycling, removes metal contaminants eg aluminium, steel or lead from glass cullet. The cullet is widened on an external feeder and reaches the glass slide where the pieces are further individualised before continuing into the inspection area of the multi-channel metal detector. If a metal contaminant is detected microprocessors determine its exact location. Electronics evaluate this position and ejection nozzles are activated with pinpoint accuracy and at precisely the right time to blow out the contaminant. The ejection nozzles are so precise that the metal contaminants are removed with very little loss of cullet. The rest of the cullet, free of metal contaminants, then continues along the conveyor.
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The split able tunnel detector DLS is used to analyse smalls and bulk materials on a conveyor belt or material chutes. Preferably used for high material. It detects all magnetic and non-magnetic metal contaminations (steel, stainless steel, aluminium) – even if enclosed in the product. On detection of metal, a signal device and a separation system can be activated or a signal can be send to process controlling.
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RAPID COMPACT metal separation systems remove magnetic and non-magnetic metal particles (steel, stainless steel, aluminium etc) from free-falling bulk materials. Metal contaminants (even those contained in granulate) are removed by means of a reject flap (‘Quick Flap System’) without any interruption to the material flow. The RAPID COMPACT range is mainly used in industries where hygiene standards are less important. They are used to inspect dry bulk materials with little or no product effect.
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