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Old quality and new technology

MAG 4000
Old MAG 4000
MAG 4000 started 17 years ago

In 1992, S+S delivered a metal separator to a German recycling company. This device has been separating metal particles from glass flakes for over 17 years. Now it returns to Schönberg, headquarters of S+S in Germany.

At Entsorga 2009 S+S presented this original "metal-from-glas-sorter" MAG 4000 in the condition it returned in after its 17 years of use.

Performance of MAG 4000

During its long work life, over 4 million tons of glass has passed through the device. This equals 249 billion pieces of glass or 71,400 fully loaded railway cars. Lined up one after another, these railway cars would form a line of 714 kilometres, which is about the distance from Munich to Rome. By using all this recycled glass instead of new material, carbon dioxide emissions could be reduced by 1 million tons. The MAG 4000 achieved this performance and was only once stopped for servicing.


Time for new technology

The MAG 4000 could have continued sorting for years to come. But in March 2009, the recycling company replaced it with its successor MAG 4400. The new device is another metal separator for glass
recycling but equipped with the latest technology. Positions of metal contaminants can be detected and rejected even more precisely. By applying a new valve technology, the loss of glass is reduced to a minimum. Peter Mayer, Sales Manager for Sorting Technology at S+S, sees the return of the older MAG 4000 positive: "To keep up to date with the latest sorting technology, it was time for a change. Even if the MAG 4000 should not be considered completely out of date, it will earn its place in the S+S museum. With the MAG 4400, we offer latest technology for glass recycling."  
MAG 4400
New MAG 4400

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