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Higher Quality with X-Ray Technology

At the FAKUMA 2015 trade fair from 13 to 17 October in Friedrichshafen Sesotec in hall B1, stand 1302, exhibits metal separators, magnet systems, and X-ray scanners that increase efficiency, safety, and quality. The Raycon product inspection system for applications in the plastics industry will be presented for the first time.


X-ray technology is more and more used for quality assurance in the plastics industry because quality demands for plastic parts are becoming ever more stringent.


The Sesotec Raycon product inspection system detects both metallic and non-metallic contaminants and also checks products for completeness, correct position and shape.

X-ray technology thus detects both internal and external quality defects of the product.


In-line X-ray inspection can be performed simultaneously on up to four product lines. The Raycon X-ray scanner features outstanding ease of operation and automatic product learning and guarantees maximum safety for operators and for the product to be inspected. With their compact and modular design Raycon X-ray systems allow easy cleaning and maintenance.


Sesotec product manager Uli Hurzlmeier: "A typical application for the Raycon X-ray scanner is the inspection of plastic parts not only for contaminants, but also for the detection of unwanted air inclusions or blowholes, and other defects such as deformed products. Several sources of defects can thus be checked in only one X-ray process. The X-raying principle allows inspection inside closed shapes and packaging. For users in the plastics industry quality inspection with Raycon X-ray technology ensures efficient, fast, and economic quality assurance."


Proven metal separators for tool and machine protection

Another main focus at the trade fair lies on metal separators for all conveying types that have been widely used in the plastics industry for decades: The Protector series for


direct installation on the material inlet of injection-moulding machines, the GF series for vacuum and pressure conveyor pipes, and the Rapid Pro-Sense for free-fall applications.


rapid-vario-fs-1.jpg While the Rapid Pro-Sense metal separator is equipped with the proven Genius+ Control Unit, the Protector and GF metal separators feature the new Primus+ Control Unit, which offers higher scanning sensitivity and clearly improved ease of use.  In the further development of these systems Sesotec attached great importance to an intuitive operating philosophy with full-graphic LCD displays and clear text display. Another new feature is the Auto-Set function which is able to not only compensate product effects (intrinsic conductivity of the conveyed material)
but also environmental influences such as vibrations. Metal separators with the Primus+ Control Unit therefore have significantly less faulty activations.

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