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Food Sorting as New Business Unit at S+S

Sesotec Sorting Food

S+S managing directors Peter Mayer (left) and Xaver Auer (right) are pleased about the establishment of the new SORTING FOOD business unit, which is managed by Oliver Uhrmann (centre).


S+S Separation and Sorting Technology GmbH expands its business areas and as of now also offers machines and systems for the sorting of fresh, frozen, dried, cut, and bulk food. In addition to the three already known units PRODUCTINSPECTION FOOD, PRODUCTINSPECTION PLASTICS, and SORTING RECYCLING, S+S for this purpose established a fourth business unit: SORTING FOOD.


This new business unit is managed by Oliver Uhrmann, who explains the decisive reasons why S+S has entered this new business area: "The automatic sorting of products more and more comes into the centre of attention of the food-processing industry. All over the world consumers are changing their eating habits because they have increasing income, become more demanding, and prefer food of higher quality. Food producers must take these growing quality demands of consumers into consideration. S+S sorting systems guarantee the purity of the product flow, prevent recall campaigns that are expensive and damage a company's image, increase efficiency through cost reduction, and thus ensure a higher overall profitability."


For more than 30 years S+S has been operating as a globally leading developer and manufacturer of detection, separation and sorting systems with profound competence in a wide technology spectrum. S+S provides machines and systems for all process stages, product types, and conveying methods, and for all critical control points – magnet systems, inductive metal detectors and metal separators, as well as x-ray scanners.


With the SORTING FOOD business unit S+S now also provides sorting systems for food. S+S sorting systems which, depending on the requirements, are equipped with optical sensors, near-infrared or x-ray technology, remove many contaminants and impurities of organic and inorganic origin. Starting from pure colour sorting, through to the measuring of different densities or radiation behaviours, a wide variety of materials can be differentiated and reliably sorted (out). 


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