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Cost-optimised standard metal detection system

S+S Separation and Sorting Technology GmbH presented a new metal-detection system for conveyors in autumn 2007: ECOLINE-D. The ECOLINE-D system detects all magnetic and non-magnetic metal contaminations (steel, special-steel, aluminium, etc) - even those enclosed in the product. It is used for examining packed and unpacked piece goods. ECOLINE-D is available with standard belt widths of 200, 300, and 400 mm, and effective passage heights of up to 300 mm. When a metal is detected the conveyor belt is stopped. As an option metal detection can also be indicated by a flashing light and/or a signal horn. For applications in dry areas the ECOLINE-D series is available with a flat belt. The systems are characterised by their short overall length.


Designed specifically for the requirements of metal-detection, the complete system guarantees highest scanning sensitivity. ECOLINE-D is the suitable standard system for many applications, with a cost-optimised price/performance ratio and very short delivery times.


Further performance features:

• The new GLS coil technology with an extremely short metal-free-zone allows for short conveyor belt lengths

• The open, easily accessible design allows easy cleaning of the whole system

• The sturdy special-steel conveyor belt construction guarantees highest scanning sensitivity and long product life

• Glass-bead-blasted surfaces comply with the hygiene requirements of the food industry

• DUAL and QUATTRO multi-frequency technology (as an option) for materials with a high product effect and for special packaging

• Variable conveying speeds


Typical applications for ECOLINE-D are in outgoing inspection for the final metal check after packing, during weighing or during labelling.

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