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Contaminant inspection in the life cycle of packaging materials

S+S provides systems for product inspection from raw material checking through to recycling

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Contaminant separation in packaging
material production: S+S metal
separator installed directly in the
material inlet of a film extruder.
In the last months the recovery of the packaging markets has resulted in an increased demand and in rising raw material prices. Because of this situation a trouble-free and thus cost-optimised production and the reprocessing of valuable packaging waste is becoming increasingly important. Reliable contaminant inspection of packaged products is another important aspect for continuous quality inspection especially in the food industry.  At the Fachpack 2010 trade fair, hall 9, stand 9-133, S+S Separation and Sorting GmbH presents suitable product inspection systems for all stations in the life cycle of packaging materials.

Application in packaging material production

Packaging material production must be efficient, flexible, and reliable. Metal particles contained in raw materials or resulting from machine wear may get into the production processes and cause machine malfunctions or tool damage. For quality assurance, inductive S+S metal detectors and separators are used to inspect and clean packaging raw materials and thus remove such unwanted contaminations. These S+S systems detect and separate magnetic and non-magnetic metals. Magnet separators are an efficient supplement for the pre-separation of ferrous metal and magnetised stainless steel particles.


Contaminant separation for packed products and packaging materials

All the food people eat must be absolutely pure and clean. This is one of the most important imperatives in the food industry. One decisive criterion here is that products in accordance with HACCP and IFS standards leave the factory without any metal contaminations and other contaminants. Contaminant detection systems that are integrated in conveyor lines are primarily used for the final product inspection of packaged bulk materials and piece goods. S+S product inspection systems operate with inductive or X-ray technology. S+S also provides suitable systems for the contaminant inspection of packaging materials. These systems guarantee that products are packed in "clean" packagings.
IFS-compliant metal detection of packed
products, integrated in conveyor belt lines.

Application in in-house recycling

In-house recycling plays an important role especially in the production of plastic packagings. In the production of films, for example, the edges, which due to the production method are somewhat thicker, are cut off, creating long strips that are recycled in the company. For this purpose the film strips are ground in a mill, and the ground material is added to the starting material again. To guarantee the reliable removal of possibly included metal particles which, for example, might get into the material during the grinding process, the film flakes pass through metal separators before they are processed. Film stretching machines and extruders thus are reliably protected against damage caused by metal particles.


Packaging recycling closes the cycle: S+S sorting systems sort used packaging materials into
unmixed fractions that are the prerequisite for
the production of new high-quality products.
Recycling of packaging materials

For the recycling industry S+S has developed standardised and individual complete solutions that separate contaminants also from old packaging materials, or sort these material flows into unmixed fractions. These systems decisively contribute to the profitable returning of recycled materials from used packagings (plastic, glass, metal, etc.) into the production cycle.  From systems for coarse sorting tasks through to highly sensitive particle separation systems -  S+S covers the complete range of contaminant separation and material flow sorting.

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