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A Success Story of 1001 Magnetic Separators

For a world leading manufacturer of injection moulders, quality is of highest importance. Product security is as important as responsibility for customers, consumers and the environment. When problems occurred in the production process, caused by metal particles within plastic granulate, the company decided to install magnetic separators.


Safemag Application

SAFEMAG magnet system at work,
installed directly at the material feeder below the metering unit
Excellent results during test phase

S+S Separation and Sorting Technology provided ten SAFEMAG magnet systems for a test phase. The test results were excellent and by now over 1000 injection moulders are equipped with magnet systems.

The magnet systems developed by S+S can be installed directly at the material feeder of injection moulders, below the metering unit. They work as a "last chance controller" to ensure metal is separated at the last possible stage. An important advantage of this type of installation is that only one magnet system per machine is needed.

The injection moulder required a flat design to ensure that the magnet system could be installed in existing machines. Reconstruction of the pipelines above the machines would have been both time-consuming and expensive. Only a small space of about 80mm was available for installation.

Customised solutions

To face this challenge, S+S developed a high-performance and compact magnet system measuring only 60mm. The compact and solid aluminium block design of the SAFEMAG made it possible, to install conveying, mixing and metering units directly on the pipeline magnet.

Handling is very simple. The magnet system is equipped with a drawer at the front. Just release the two screws at the front and pull out the aluminium block with magnet bars for cleaning. Metal contamination can then be removed manually from the magnet bars.
1001 Safemag

SAFEMAG magnet systems
ready to be delivered

Treml Stephan Stephan Treml, Productmanager S+S-Magnet Systems, is satisfied with the impressive success of the SAFEMAG:

"SAFEMAGs provide the best cleaning results for ferromagnetic contamination. They protect plastics manufacturers and prevent expensive machinery downtimes and repairs and increase process continuity and productivity. To further separate non-magnetic metals from plastic granulates and increase product security even more, inductive metal detectors can be integrated into the machine as well."

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