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Successors appointed - growth course continues

S+S Separation and Sorting Technology GmbH is now part of the VTC group and, integral to the company's succession plan the top management team of the company has been changed.  On 1 April 2012 Xaver Auer, who comes to S+S with many years of management experience in the high technology optical instruments industry, was appointed the new managing director of S+S.

During the transition phase Xaver Auer will manage the company together with the existing partners / managing directors Karl Eibl and Helmuth Frisch, and Peter Mayer, currently head of the Sorting Division of the business. Mayer has been with S+S, successfully managing and developing the sorting market for the company, since 1996.  His appointment to the top team represents a further important part of the succession plan. With effect from 1 January 2014 Auer (40) and Mayer (44) will run the company and the existing partners will retire from their day to day management roles.

S+S is a complex, many faceted business and as well as assuming overall  management responsibilities Auer will focus on the "Food" and "Plastics/Non-Food" business divisions. Mayer will continue to manage the "Sorting" division and also direct all technical aspects of the S+S business.

"International business and its growth are of major importance for the further development of our global market presence.  The combination of Xaver Auer's wide industry experience and Peter Mayer's many years of technical experience provide S+S with an ideal  basis for success in international markets.", says S+S managing director Helmuth Frisch.


New Management

Starting from 1 January 2014 Xaver Auer and Peter Mayer will together manage S+S Separation and Sorting Technology GmbH in Schönberg. Karl Eibl and Helmuth Frisch will then retire from their S+S management positions. From left to right: Karl Eibl, Peter Mayer, Helmuth Frisch, Xaver Auer.

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