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"Made in Bavaria": S+S supplies separation and
sorting systems made in Schönberg to countries
all over the world.
S+S Separation and Sorting Technology GmbH is a founding member of a new "Recycling Technologies Bavaria" network, whose inaugural meeting took place at the end of February 2011. The network's objective is to exploit and jointly market synergies and technologies nationally and internationally. The network is managed from the BIFA Environmental Institute in Augsburg.

The network focus is quality and excellence of products "Made in Bavaria" and by cooperation and joint branding, smaller and medium-sized companies in the sector can offer combined, specialised know-how, providing the network with a wide spectrum of services and knowledge.S+S is the principal specialist in sorting technologies. The network marketing concept, which is well
established in other industrial sectors, permits companies to combine on projects which they otherwise may not have been able to consider, particularly in overseas markets. The strategic focus is on implementing innovative recycling technologies plus, the further development of technologies, processes and the transfer of specialist knowledge.

Recycling technology is a globally important topic encompassing all aspects of the increasing lack of raw materials. Securing sufficient resources for the future will continue to become more and more important. "For over 20 years S+S has been establishing ties with recycling networks and is involved in various project teams and groups. Our objective is to demonstrate the advantages of recycling, and present the sophisticated sorting technologies available. Success will open up new markets, secure existing jobs in the industry, help protect the environment, and the achievement of macroeconomic value", says Peter Mayer, Sales Manager for Sorting Technology at S+S.

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