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Always the suitable solution - Metal separators for free-falling bulk materials

At the POWTECH 2010 in Nuremberg (hall 7, stand 7-667) S+S Separation and Sorting Technology GmbH of Schönberg presents the highly sophisticated metal separators of the RAPID series that separate magnetic and non-magnetic metal particles (steel, stainless steel, aluminium, ...) from free-falling bulk materials. By the way: The RAPID series, which was introduced on the market in 1980, formed the basis for the leading position S+S today has in the field of industrial metal separation. In the year 2010 S+S celebrates 30 years of experience in the metal separation of bulk materials.

30 years ago the product portfolio of S+S among others included inductive ring sensors that were used for the eject monitoring of stamped metal parts. At the very same time the plastics-processing industry had great need for metal separation systems to protect the machines in the process of in-house plastics waste recycling. The ring sensors were adapted to the respective requirements, and the result was the first metal separator - the RAPID 1000. The RAPID product name was chosen because a fast-acting reject slide was needed for separating metal-contaminated material. The first RAPIDs were designed as compact systems for relatively simple applications. However, the requirements that metal separators have to meet have constantly become more stringent, and the RAPID series thus has been subject to continuous further development. Today's state-of-the-art metal separators for example feature automatic or preset product parameters, parts in contact with the product are made of stainless steel, and rotatable reject units allow easy installation. 

The idea of introducing the RAPID series also in the food industry was the result of customer inquiries. The main focus here lies on quality assurance. Standards and directives such as HACCP, BRC, and IFS define the most important requirements for quality management in food production that are mandatory for certification. The detection and separation of metals and other contaminants is one decisive criterion here. As a result, the technologies for product inspection in the food industry have developed rapidly.

At the POWTECH stand S+S presents all the current RAPID models


The RAPID VARIO metal separator is suitable for simple applications and is characterised by the  separated detection and separation units, which allows a customer-specific adaptation of the fall height and of the separation unit (180° rotatable). Because of its very small overall height it can be easily integrated in (already existing) pipes. Application-oriented electronics guarantee outstanding ease of operation by way of preset operating parameters and automatic compensation of conductive products. RAPID  VARIO FS
RAPID  4000 FS
In design and function the RAPID 4000 metal separator is similar to the Rapid Vario. The Rapid 4000 is used for applications requiring higher scanning sensitivities primarily in industry sectors with less stringent hygiene demands. Electrically conductive components (product effect) are compensated, and standard pipe connections allow quick and easy installation.

The RAPID 5000 metal separator was developed for the high demands in the food, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries. Above all its mechanical design especially accounts for the special hygienic requirements that must be considered for example in the production of baby food and of pharmaceutical ingredients. With the "Easy Clean" swivel function (option) the complete reject mechanism is easily accessible and can be cleaned in no time at all when production is changed to another product.

RAPID  5000
RAPID 5000
RAPID  6000
RAPID 6000
The RAPID 6000 metal separator removes metallic contaminations by means of a swivel hopper. The conveying flow only is interrupted for a very short time. This separation principle has proven to be excellently suitable for coarse-grained, flaky, light, fibrous, brittle, and lumpy bulk materials. The swivel hopper separation mechanism of the RAPID 6000 metal separator reliably prevents any jamming of coarse-grained products such as nuts. Breaking of brittle products such as noodles also is prevented.
The new, compact RAPID 8000 metal separator is designed for high throughput capacities. It can be universally used for inspecting a wide range of products from powdery, fibrous, through to granular, and features a dust-proof reject outlet. RAPID 8000
RAPID 8000
Last but not least, S+S also presents the RAPID DUAL metal separator at their trade fair stand. This metal separator is used for the inspection of badly pourable bulk materials such as foil chips, wood pellets, etc., and of large mass flows in free-fall conveyor pipes with a fall height of 700 millimetres. Metal contaminations are separated by means of a double flap.

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