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Metal separators allow an economic processing of regenerated material.



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The S+S metal separator GF PRIMUS removes metal contaminations from regenerated plastic material and thus eliminates the causes of machine downtimes and defective parts. (Photograph: S+S)


Since its foundation in 1965 the Zollner Elektronik AG headquartered in Zandt in the Upper Palatinate has developed from a specialist for electrotechnology into an internationally successful system services provider for EMS (Electronic Manufacturing Services). With 6,700 employees at 14 locations all over the world, Zollner today ranks among the top 15 worldwide. Since 2001 the production spectrum in Zandt also includes plastic injection moulding with dedicated mould and toolmaking departments.


Environmental awareness, but also economic considerations, have resulted in the use of industry-quality granulate (regenerated material) for various products. With many articles a slight loss of properties does not prevent the use of such material. In a few cases a slight contamination with foreign objects such as metal particles makes processing more difficult. Depending on the production system this may cause unwanted machine downtimes.

The apparent economic advantage thus is quickly lost if the resulting downtimes cannot be avoided. The most obvious solution of using metal separators resulted in immediate success.

For the inspection and purification of such industrial materials S+S provided metal separators of type GF Primus. After the installation of the metal separator, production could be continued without machine downtimes. It is only the use of metal separators that allows an economic processing of granulate mixed with regenerated material or ground material.


The GF PRIMUS metal separator removes metallic contaminations (steel, stainless steel, aluminium, etc.) from the pneumatically conveyed regenerated material. Installed directly in the pneumatic conveyor pipe of the material conveyor for the injection moulding machine, it reliably separates metallic contaminations, even such contaminations that are embedded in a granulate grain.


With the "Easy Mount System" the metal separator can be installed in already existing pneumatic conveyor pipes without any problems. Product effects of the bulk material that are caused by moisture, colour pigments, or carbons, are automatically compensated, which guarantees a constant scanning sensitivity. With default settings the systems provide outstanding ease of operation. One advantage of the fast-acting "Quick-Flap-System" is the minimum loss of good material.

Klaus Kandlbinder, injection moulding process planning manager at Zollner Elektronik AG, Zandt

"S+S metal separators have provided excellent results in our experience. The systems are absolutely state-of-the-art, of outstanding quality, and they operate with highest reliability. S+S systems are amortised in a very short time, because they prevent the causes of downtimes and expensive repair work and guarantee optimal machine running times and product quality. We plan to purchase additional S+S metal separators, among others for injection moulding machine at other locations."

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