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News from the building site

Shell construction of the new production hall was finished in summer, and electrical, heating, and toilet/washroom installations were started in November. Steel construction for the new technical centre annex will start soon and will be followed by wall and roof construction work.

The most urgent thing to do at the moment is the construction of the supporting wall beside the driveway. This wall must be finished still this year, because the driveway to the new hall can only be built when this wall is completed. At the end of January 2009 the new laser cutting machine is planned for delivery via this new driveway.

On the lower parking lot level, which at present must be used by all the "upper level parkers", parking bays for containers and bikes and a washing site will still be established this year.

Provided that winter does not thwart our plans, the new facilities should be put into operation starting from March 2009. Moving and relocation activities surely will keep us occupied all through the year 2009.


On 21 October S+S has started to do the necessary excavations in order to build the supporting wall next to the access road.

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