Metal separator for pneumatic conveyor pipes

Application Profile
  • detects and separates all magnetic and non-magnetic metals
Inspection of
  • bulk materials
  • dry
  • moist
Material flow
  • pressure conveying
  • vacuum conveying

  • Detects and separates magnetic and nonmagnetic metal contamination, even when enclosed in product

  • Reduces costly tool and machinery damage and prevents machinery downtimes

  • Ensures product quality

  • Prevents customer complaints

  • Breaks even within a short period of time

Product description
The metal separator GF is used in vacuum and pressure pipelines
to protect injection moulders and converting machines.
It detects all magnetic and non-magnetic metal contaminants
(steel, stainless steel, aluminium, etc.) – even when they are
enclosed in the product. Metal contaminants are ejected via the
“Quick-Flap” separation unit. 

  • Highest sensitivity for all metals with high noise immunity against vibrations and electric smog

  • Separates metallic contaminants without disrupting production flow or reducing conveying speed

  • Shutter valve prevents leak air in pipeline

  • Assembling frame guarantees quick and easy installation; mounting position (vertical, horizontal) selectable on site

  • Stainless steel separation mechanics, junctions and separation flaps (1.4301)

  • All units are pre-assembled for easy installation; Space-saving and compact design

  • Minimal loss of good material through „Quick flap“ separation unit

  • Easy operation of the control unit through pre-set parameters

  • Product compensation with auto-teach function or manual setting. Product compensation can thus be individually matched to the product (in conventional systems this setting cannot be changed or can only be changed with great difficulties).