Metal detector for pipelines, e. g. for free-fall applications, pneumatic conveyor pipes or pump lines

Application Profile
  • detects all magentic and non-magnetic metals
Inspection of
  • bulk materials
Material flow
  • free-fall
  • pressure conveying
  • vacuum conveying
  • pump conveying
  • bulk material columns

  • Detects magnetic and non-magnetic metal contamination, even when enclosed in product

  • Reduces expensive machinery failure and minimises production downtime

  • Ensures product quality

  • Prevents customer complaints

  • Break even within a very short period of time

Product description
Circular-aperture RZ tunnel metal detectors are used mainly in high-precision applications. The enclosed-aperture design ensures very high metal sensitivity throughout the tunnel area. RZ coil technology means that a metal-free zone is not required in the installation area.  

  • Optimal detection and highest precision of metal detection by increased operation frequency in all areas of the detection head

  • Universal suitable with multi-frequency technology (optional)

  • Password-protected system log and menu controlled validation system for HACCP, IFS, BRC conform quality monitoring

  • Offers perfect adaptability to customer-specific requirements (34 different coil sizes for all current pipeline systems)

  • Can be installed in vertical, horizontal or diagonal pipelines

  • Compact design through highly reduced size of metal-free zone (RZ-technology) and dimensions identical to previous product

  • High mechanical stability and noise immunity: Largely insensitive to vibrations, hits and temperature change

  • Design in stainless steel with protection grade IP 65 (higher protection grade on request)


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