X-ray Inspection and Sorting System for bulk flow product
Application Profile
  • detects contaminants and other product defects
Inspection of
  • bulk materials
Material flow
  • belt conveyors
  • Highly sensitive in-line detection and separation of metallic and non-metallic food contaminants

  • Compact, modular design conveyor system, easy to clean and maintain

  • Low energy sealed X-ray source, maintenance free

  • High precision reject system, either 20 multi-flap or 80 air jet nozzles to suit the application, minimal product wastage

  • High X-ray scanning rate maximizes throughput

  • Integral vibratory feed chute

  • Detects contaminants that are missed by optical sorters

  • Easy to integrate and set up

    Product description
    The RAYCON Bulk X-ray product sorting system detects contaminants at high line speeds that due to their density, chemical composition, or mechanical dimensions absorb X-radiation to greater degree than the surrounding bulk product. For example, metal, glass, stone, calcified bone and high density plastic in bulk food material. It features precision sorting software that identifies the contaminant with pinpoint accuracy and ensures that there is always minimal product wastage when the reject operates. 
  • Integrated feed and product management system

  • Easy to install and set up

  • Easy to clean

  • Fast scanning ensure optimum throughput

  • Low energy source

  • Meets local radiation safety requirements

  • Low lifetime costs

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