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Sesotec Sorter for metal recovery plant

Aeiforos SA uses Sesotec Sorter for metal recovery plant in Thessaloniki




Aeiforos SA, for its End-of-Life vehicle (ELV) recycling process, is one of the first companies in Europe being able to prove compliance with the recycling rates according to the End-of-Life vehicles ordinance in force since the beginning of last year.

In order to further improve the value added from shredder residue, the Greek recycling company uses a Sesotec VARISORT M for the recovery of metals from the shredder light fraction (SLF). “Processing of SLF fraction is necessary to complete the ASR recycling unit” says Andreas Chasiotis, General Manager of Aeiforos SA. "With the help of the VARISORT unit residual metal fractions are recovered and concentrated in a metal-rich fraction”. The metal-rich fraction is further processed at Aeiforos to produce high-quality metal fractions.  

After a series of tests it was decided to realize this project in cooperation with Sesotec and the team of SICON who acted as an integrator for this project.


Sesotec in cooperation with SICON already installed several of its VARISORT sorting units in ELV application all around the world. The sorters are used for all kinds of material upgrades including object based wire separation and stainless steel separation


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