S+S systems protect production equipment (saws, planes, chippers, milling machines, calendering machines, presses, etc.) and prevent sparking in wood processing and particle board manufacturing, while helping to improve the quality of the end product.

By helping to ensure that wood products are free of impurities, metal detectors and separators play an important role in quality assurance.

Metal fragments in wood chips, shavings or other wood waste destined for processing into pellets can damage the press. Metal separators provide protection for pellet production equipment.

Reliable separation of metal impurities is essential before chipping or shredding of wood or wood processing waste. Metal detectors effectively protect size reduction machinery. Our magnetic separators are used mainly to remove ferrous metals prior to processing. They are characterized by robust construction and high effectiveness.

Metal fragments such a broken drill bits may become embedded in wood as a result of production processes. Metal detectors are essential in order to safely remove such fragments before further steps such as profiling, milling and planing.