Sesotec systems remove metal impurities that could damage processing equipment in the textile industry (carders, calender rollers, shearing machines, etc.) or cause sparking. They also help protect consumers from injury caused by metal fragments and inclusions.

Plate metal detectors precisely detect magnetic and non-magnetic metal particles such as broken needle tips in wet and dry textile sheet materials (web and machine goods, needle-punched nonwovens, felt, web and tufted carpets, films, papers, etc.) They minimize production downtime, quality defects and production spoilage. Plate metal detectors are compact and can be retrofitted almost anywhere.

Metal detectors and detection systems play an important role in quality control of packaged textile products such as clothing, diapers, tampons, cleaning cloths, feminine hygiene pads and cotton swabs. Once metal has been detected, contaminated product can be diverted using a product-specific separator device (e.g. shunt, pusher, air jets). These systems help to prevent injury to consumers, thus preventing loss of company reputation and avoiding damage claims.

Circular-aperture metal detectors are installed in tube conveyors, where they serve to reliably detect magnetic and non-magnetic metals in raw fiber material. By eliminating metal particles, the metal detectors protect equipment from damage, reduce production downtime and prevent sparking.