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X-ray inspection is the best current technology to meet the high demands of the food industry

Almi GmbH & Co whose headquarters and production site is in Oftering near Linz in Austria is one of the leading global manufacturers of high-quality spice blends and additives for sausage, ham, meat, and fish products.


Almi uses high-quality raw materials and attaches special importance to comprehensive inspection; they continuously monitor current developments in the raw material market and in production processes. There is complete production traceability and all products undergo final inspection. Numerous certificates (ISO 9001:2008, ISO 22000:2005, HACCP, IFS version 6, HALAL CONTROL e.K., organic certificate, kosher certificate, Austria certification mark, and others) confirm that Almi has a comprehensive quality management system. They already use, for contaminant detection, inductive metal separators, magnets, and camera systems.




Produkt-Sortiersystem RAYCON BULK 

Almi was looking for the technologically optimum solution specifically for the removal of contamination that is optically indistinguishable from coarse spices and dried vegetables. In September 2012 Almi installed a S+S RAYCON BULK product sorting system. When choosing the system Almi, apart from high-precision inline detection of contaminants such as metal, glass fragments, ceramic particles, small stones, etc., were concerned that the system should be easy to use for non-technical staff, and offered a hygienic, easy-to-clean and easy-to-maintain design. Among other reasons Almi chose S+S because they preferred a system supplier close 

to their location, and were particularly attracted to a solution "Made in Germany". They have already successfully completed several projects together with S+S, and were impressed that S+S has more than 30 years of experience in the type of sorting technology implemented in the RAYCON BULK system.


Almi uses the RAYCON BULK product sorting system to inspect incoming bulk materials and remove contaminants before they reach production. X-ray technology is ideally suited for applications where conventional food optical sorting systems have reached their limits. When contaminants have the same colour as the good material then optical sorting will not work and additionally metal particles enclosed in products, dark stones in black pepper, stones    Paprika

that are coloured red by red paprika, or green glass fragments in green dried herbs, are all examples of contaminants that are invisible to optical colour sorting machines, but are detected by the RAYCON BULK system.


RAYCON BULK will consistently detect metal contaminants down to 0.6 mm, small stones, or glass fragments starting from as small as 1.0 mm. The integral reject unit comprises a series of mechanical flaps across an inspection width of 580 millimetres, to minimise the loss of good material. The real-time operating system permits timing with millisecond accuracy, and the user interface is highly intuitive in operation. RAYCON systems requires minimum maintenance and operate at a high level of efficiency. For Almi hygienic design of the sorting system is important and the system design permits the complete conveyor belt to be removed from the front for easy cleaning and replacement.


For Almi the RAYCON BULK offers major advantages for reliable customer protection and the reduced loss of high-quality end products.


S+S will show the RAYCON BULK for the first time at POWTECH 2013 in Nuremberg. Visit us in hall 4A, booth 125!

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