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SABIC chooses Sesotec high performance metal separator RAPID PRO-SENSE

SABIC chooses Sesotec high performance metal separator RAPID PRO-SENSE


  About Sabic

SABIC Innovative Plastics strategic business unit is a wholly owned subsidiary of Saudi Basic Industries Corporation (SABIC) and was founded in September 2007. Innovative Plastics is employing over 9,000 people worldwide, manufacturing high-end thermoplastic materials in more than 35 countries.


SABIC is working on the principles of Six Sigma. The highly disciplined Six Sigma process helps them to focus on developing and delivering near-perfect products and services. It encompasses design, production, and distribution. The product quality improvements behind SABIC Innovative Plastics‘ materials can help enhance the quality and marketability of customers‘ end products.


In Bergen op Zoom SABIC is producing plastics compounds PC, PC blends and Noryl. Quality and Product Purity is extremely important for SABIC. So they were looking for a machine for their outgoing quality control. Highest scanning sensitivity for ferrous metals, but also stainless steel and other non-ferrous metals was required. They requested for the best sensitivity in combination with reliability, aftersales and a supplier who has experience in plastics.





PME is one of the leading suppliers of peripheral equipment for the plastic processing industry in the Netherlands.


They not only represent foreign and domestic producers but also provide service, maintenance, engineering and project management for all the peripherals for injection moulding machines, extruders, blow moulding machines and other machines producing plastics, plastic semi-manufactured products, and final products.

As a long term partner of Sesotec in the Netherlands PME offered RAPID PRO-SENSE metal separators to SABIC. Using innovative HRF technology (High Resolution Frequency), RAPID PRO-SENSE, a system for free-fall applications, features extremely high sensitivity to all metals. The metal separator is specifically designed to meet the requirements of plastics and compound producers and features a genuinely innovative modular design. The reject unit can be chosen to match the conveyed material or to meet specific customer needs.


As SABIC’s material inspection of the end product happens before packaging with special requirement that the unit must be cleanable with water inside. So water tightness of equipment is necessary. In part, the material is also abrasive. Wear-down protection of equipment is an important point. Last but not least there is a need of customized fitting to local installation requirements with special flanges.


SABIC decided to use RAPID PRO-SENSE metal detectors of Sesotec because of its outstanding features especially regarding the scanning sensitivity which is on highest level compared to other existing metal detectors. Another convincing feature is the reject mechanism where material cannot deposit which is important in case of material changes. Also the self-cleaning feature of the reject mechanism of RAPID PRO-SENSE is unique. The surface of parts in contact with material has been specially treated so that it is more resistant against wear-down.



Result and customer statement


The long experience with plastics handling and the aftersales in the Netherlands by PME is one more reason why Sabic bought RAPID PRO-SENSE metal detectors. Ronald van der Wal and Rob Willems from Sabic confirm: “The first units of RAPID PRO-SENSE are running in production very well. We are very satisfied with the results. During the course of 2014 SABIC’s plant in Bergen op Zoom will be supplied with additional metal detectors to ensure production efficiency and product purity.”


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