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Networked Sesotec Solutions in Friedrichshafen


At Sesotec's trade fair stand Manuel Rückert (left) and Jörg Schaper presented metal separators for the protection of injection moulding machines, extruders, and blow moulding machines.


A well-attended FAKUMA 2017 is over, and also this year Sesotec convinced trade visitors with the metal separators presented at the trade fair. At the FAKUMA Sesotec not only maintained existing business relations with customers and partners but also was able to establish many new national and international contacts.  The trade fair presence with the new "Purity matters" corporate claim was a complete success.


At the FAKUMA 2017 Sesotec presented metal separators of the PROTECTOR, RAPID PRO SENSE and GF series. These systems reliably detect and separate magnetic and non-magnetic metal particles even if they are enclosed in the granulate, and they thus ensure the quality of plastic products. Injection moulding machines, extruders, and blow moulding machines are protected against damage and clogging, the output is increased, and the amount of rejects is reduced. Metal separators contribute to the optimisation of processes, to the minimisation of time losses, and to cost savings.  


At this year's FAKUMA trade fair Sesotec for the first time presented OPC UA (Open Platform Communications Unified Architecture) which meets all the requirements concerning Industry 4.0 communications. OPC UA is increasingly being established as a standard. Additional advantages: The criteria of easy operation have been considered, intuitive user interfaces prevent user errors and thus increase process stability. The sequence of operation is safe and follows logical steps. Data and documentation in the system can be quickly accessed. 


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