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Flexible sorting

At the IFAT 2008 - trade-fair stand 313 in hall B3 - S+S presents the modular VARISORT COMPACT, a sorting system used for loose bulk materials. This sorting system provides a number of special features that allow a flexible and easy adaptation to different types of sorting jobs - recycling electronic waste, for example.


In the VARISORT COMPACT different sensor technologies (inductive, optical, near-infrared) can be combined. The material to be examined is fed in by way of specifically adapted vibration chutes that guarantee a homogeneous material distribution over the complete width of the high-speed conveyor belt. At the end of the belt the material is classified by the corresponding sensors. Upon evaluation of the relevant information, high-speed valves are activated with a corresponding time delay to blow out the material. By way of exactly controlled compressed-air blasts the particles to be separated are deflected from their original fall parabola into a separate duct.

Compared to conventional belt sorting systems the VARISORT COMPACT sorting system is characterised by its compact design with little required space and ease of mobility. The use of high-resolution sensors and state-of-the-art signal evaluation technologies allow a high detection accuracy and an analysis of up to 500,000 parts per second. The multi-sensor technology that is employed in this system makes it possible to perform sorting tasks and sorting depths that were impossible until now. In free-fall inspection a highly accurate blow-out process is still possible even with high reject rates due to the large number of high-speed valves which process up to 500 switching cycles per second. The modular design allows economical upgrades, from gray-scale evaluation to true-colour evaluation, for example. Maintenance, changing components, and cleaning of the system - e.g. in case of a batch change - are much easier.

Peter Mayer, Sorting Technology Sales Manager at S+S: "Because of its outstanding flexibility the VARISORT COMPACT system is ideal for sorting electronic waste. Irrespective of the type of electronic waste that needs to be sorted, the VARISORT COMPACT can always optimally perform the sorting task by employing different sensors. Since the markets for recycled material are quickly changing especially in the field of electronic waste, the VARISORT COMPACT sorting system with its outstanding flexibility is a sound investment."

Varisort compact 450 px

Varisort Compact (Photo: S+S)

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