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Better, smaller, lower-priced!

At the FAKUMA 2008 trade fair (14 to 18 October 2008 in Friedrichshafen) S+S Separation and Sorting Technology GmbH presents the fundamentally re-engineered EXTRACTOR pipe magnet at stand 1303 in hall B1. The well-proven functional and performance features have remained unchanged. Improvements were made with respect to overall height, nominal widths, and price.


The EXTRACTOR pipe magnet was developed specifically for applications in the plastics industry and protects extruders, injection-moulding machines, and blow-moulding machines. The magnet separator removes ferromagnetic contaminations from the granulate and reduces costly repair work and system down-times. With an overall height of only 165 millimetres the separator can be installed directly on the material inlet of the machines. Various granulates up to a grain size of ten millimetres and a temperature of up to 80° C in standing or slow-flowing material columns can be inspected. The special housing design does not allow any depositing of plastic granulate (which is important in case of a colour or material change). The highly compact system design combined with adaptor plates for all conventional connection dimensions facilitates the subsequent installation in existing lines.

Extractor mit Material
Cleaning of EXTRACTOR pipe magnet.
(Photo S+S)

The magnet separator is available in nominal widths of 40 up to now also 120 millimetres. The EXTRACTOR system features three neodymium magnet rods with a magnetic force of 12,000 Gauss. The EASY CLEAN feature of the magnet rods allows efficient cleaning of the system in a very short time, and the separated contaminants can then be analysed. The EXTRACTOR magnet system can be used as a stand-alone unit or as an efficient supplement to the PROTECTOR metal separator.

Extractor Stephan Treml, product management of S+S magnet systems, on the improvements: "It is of great importance in the plastics industry that peripheral systems can be installed in a space-saving and easy way. The EXTRACTOR pipe magnet provides outstanding separation results with ferromagnetic contaminations, and reliably protects extruders, injection-moulding and blow-moulding machines against costly down-times and repair work. Since we now also offer the EXTRACTOR at a lower price, the systems are amortised in no time at all."

EXTRACTOR inside view: Smooth housing allows no depositing of plastic granulate. (Photo: S+S)

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