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Get contamination out of drinks

S+S Separation and Sorting Technology GmbH will present magnetic and metal separators for contamination detection in liquid and pasty products at Drinktec/PetPoint 2009 in Munich in hall B3, booth 206, from 14/09/2009 to 19/09/2009.


The LIQUIMAG magnet separator
can also be used as a mobile unit to analyse fruit juices with fruit bits.
For the production and filling of drinks rigorous standards (such as HACCP, IFS) have to be met. Among other requirements, it has to be ensured that all contamination is removed securely. A common practice is the installation of close meshed filters to separate contamination. For fruit juice with bits and essences this is not possible, as the filters can be blocked. S+S offers the filter magnet LIQUIMAG and the metal separator LIQQUISCAN PL to solve this problem.

The extremely powerful LIQUIMAG magnet (magnetic neodymium material) separates even slightly magnetised stainless steel particles from the product stream. The magnet is equipped with the established EASY CLEAN mechanism for quick and simple cleaning. LIQUIMAG improves the quality standard of drinks, optimises production security and reduces cost intensive machinery downtimes - and all that without losing good material.
The inductive metal separator LIQUISCAN PL separates magnetic and non-magnetic metal particles in liquid and pasty products. Its arc valve is especially suitable for tough and pasty materials. When working with liquid material which may contain larger product pieces, the LIQUISCAN metal separator can be equipped with a ball valve. Both models are CIP compatible, very hygienic and require little maintenance. Contaminated products are automatically separated into a container. The metal separator can be easily integrated into existing pipelines. Modern microelectronics and an automatic teach-in function guarantee easy handling. liquiscan
The metal separator LIQUISCAN PL is integrated into a stainless steel frame
to be installed on a table or a wall.


The combination of magnet separators and inductive metal separators together achieves the best performance. In this case the metal detector only has to separate non-magnetic metals, the separation security increases and loss of good material is reduced to a minimum.


Penn_Franz Franz Penn, at S+S responsible for the food industry, about the products S+S will present at Drinktec/PetPoint 2009:

"It is the strength of S+S to offer drink manufacturers comprehensive and well-engineered separation solutions. After all, who wants to have metal contamination in their drinks?"

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