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MultiPet uses Sesotec PET Flake Sorting Systems

MultiPet uses Sesotec sorting systems to improve quality in PET flake recycling





About MultiPet


Using PET bottle waste as source material, MultiPet GmbH in Bernburg manufactures PET flakes for the plastics-processing industry. For the purpose of quality improvement MultiPet GmbH uses recycling sorting systems made by Sesotec (formerly S+S) in PET flake processing.

MultiPet GmbH was founded in the year 2001 and started production with a new PET recycling plant. Today the company processes up to 35,000 tons of PET waste every year. The Multiport GmbH sister company also is located in Bernburg. Multiport processes up to 38,500 tons of HDPE and PP waste and produces customer-specific regranulates. The two plants in Bernburg thus have a total capacity of more than 70,000 tons per year. The two companies in Bernburg presently have more than 150 employees.


Right from the start recycling sorting systems of Sesotec (formerly S+S) were used to separate colours and metals from PET flake flows in the PET recycling plant.


With a volume of Euro 1.2 million  MultiPet GmbH specifically invested in the optimisation of existing plant components with new recycling sorting systems. The existing sorting stage was supplemented with an additional stage, which in addition to colours and metals also allows the reliable separation of unwanted plastics.


For this purpose Sesotec supplied two FLAKE PURIFIER multi-sensor sorting systems together with suitable installation and material conveying components.



Equipped with multi-spectral sensors for the separation of foreign polymers and true-colour sensors for the removal of wrong colours, the sorting systems provide highest qualities in the end product with a minimum loss of good material. These positive quality changes with respect to the specifications for recycled flakes perfectly match the increased quality demands of the customers of MultiPet GmbH.


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