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Metal Detector for quality inspection of soup powder

For quality inspection of soup powder a big food company relies on Sesotec metal detectors


One of the world's biggest consumer goods producers among other things produces powdered food such as instant soups. To meet the high purity requirements of bulk materials in the food industry the company uses free-fall metal detectors in its production lines. For the IFS and HACCP compliant inspection of such bulk materials Sesotec supplies RAPID 5000 metal detectors which, for example, are suitable for operation in food packing lines.


Almi RAPID 5000

Sesotec metal detectors of the RAPID 5000 range detect and separate magnetic and non-magnetic metal particles (also metal inclusions) from free-falling bulk materials. Contaminants are separated with minimum loss of good material by a fast-acting reject flap ("Quick-Flap System"). With their modular design the systems can be adapted to different heights of fall at the place of use, e.g. by integrating intermediate pieces. The individual components of a metal detector– search coil, reject unit, control unit – can be installed to match individual local conditions.


Sesotec RAPID 5000 systems furthermore feature a unique "Hygienic Design", which means that the mechanical design of the metal detectors fulfils the special hygienic requirements for powdery products in the food industry. The pipe-shaped reject unit has no critical edges or steps. Back-jamming and clogging in the conveyor

pipe are almost completely eliminated even with non-free-flowing soup powder. The round design of the reject unit prevents any formation of material deposits, so-called "nests", and eliminates hygienic problems such as crusting or even mould formation. To meet demands for easy equipment accessibility for servicing and cleaning the reject unit furthermore was provided in "Easy-Clean" design. For the inspection of products involving a dust explosion hazard the RAPID 5000 systems can be certified for ATEX zone 20.


Franz Penn, Sesotec BU Food Product Manager, says about the RAPID 5000 systems: "The metal detectors of the RAPID 5000 range operate perfectly and can be easily integrated in the production lines despite the sometimes very special customer requirements concerning the installation situation."


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