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Quality assurance at Laux GmbH

Food quality assurance at Laux GmbH with Sesotec metal detector 


Laux   About Laux GmbH

Laux GmbH, based in Föhren in Germany, has been producing distilleries, delicatessen, and tee specialities. Laux is known to apply quality management meeting the highest food hygiene standards. Every step in the production process – from incoming ingredients to final goods – is thoroughly monitored. Laux reach their uncompromised quality standards by selecting only the finest ingredients and gentle handling.




For final goods inspection, a metal detector combining reliability, compact design, simple operation and affordability was needed. Due to these criteria, Laux GmbH decided on the ECOLINE-D food metal detector by Sesotec.




The metal detector ECOLINE-D is used to inspect dried spices filled in glasses at Laux’s outgoing goods section. It detects all magnetic and non-magnetic metal contaminants. On detection of metal, a signal light flashes.


The sturdy conveyor belt construction (flat belt) in stainless steel guarantees highest sensitivity even in long-term use.




The Sesotec device is equipped with GLS coil technology; its extremely short metal free zone allows for short conveyors. The entire length of ECOLINE-D could therefore be reduced to only 750 millimetres. The open and easily accessible design makes cleaning hassle-free. The pearled surface is in line with hygiene standards of the foods industry.


Modern micro electronics guarantee easy operation. The compact metal detection system offers highest reliability. By using standard units and parts, ECOLINE-D is also very affordable and can be delivered quickly.




“We highly appreciate the reliability and the simple way of operating the Sesotec device. We also save much time as the metal detector is easy to clean and the flat belt can be changed quickly.” (Quotation: Christoph Mertes, Technical Operations Manager with Laux GmbH)


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