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Marangoni Installs Sesotec Metal Detectors

Italian Designer and Manufacturer of Machines and Systems for Tyre Production Installs Sesotec Metal Detectors


 Marangoni Sesotec Metal Detector


Marangoni Meccanica S.p.A, located in the Italian town Rovereto near Trento, is a globally leading company in the development and production of tyre machinery both for the production of new tyres (with the Marangoni Tyre Machinery brand) and retread tyres (TRM brand). Machines for the production of large and extra-large radial tyres, so-called OTR (Off The Road) tyres, are a specialty of Marangoni Meccanica S.p.A. Such extra-large tyres are needed for agricultural vehicles, earth-moving machines, and dump trucks.


In the course of the last ten years Marangoni Meccanica S.p.A has revolutionised the engineering approach for large Farm and OTR tyre machinery and has built production lines that are perfectly matched to customer demands. Marangoni Meccanica S.p.A very often installs Sesotec tunnel metal detectors of type GLS and plate-type metal detectors of type ELS in its production lines, which, at tyre producers’ sites, are running with high capacity utilisation and a high level of automation.


Marangoni Meccanica S.p.A installs these metal detectors in optimal size above or below the feed conveyor belts. With state-of-the-art detection technology Sesotec metal detectors provide maximum scanning sensitivity for all types of metals, both ferrous metals and stainless steel or non-ferrous metals such as aluminium, copper or brass – no matter whether magnetic or non-magnetic, coated, painted, loose, or enclosed in the material. For tyre producers who operate a production line made by Marangoni Meccanica S.p.A with integrated Sesotec metal detectors, machine downtimes or damage cases that often involve high repair costs and reduced productivity, are reliably excluded.


Edoardo Salaorni (Marangoni Meccanica’s Commercial Director) emphasises the importance of Sesotec metal detectors: "Marangoni Meccanica S.p.A wants to provide its customers with production lines that grant optimal running times and allow the production of highest quality tyres. Metal detectors made by Sesotec are an important component for us and help us guarantee that our tyre production lines are among the best of the world."


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