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Food producer uses X-ray inspection systems


More quality and less waste with Sesotec contaminant inspection systems -

Food producer uses X-ray inspection systems to increase value creation in production


A big international food group in addition to high quality demands also has committed itself to the fight against food wastage. Following the principle "What men eat must be pure!" they want to ensure perfect product quality so that complete batches of food that may contain contaminations no longer have to be returned and destroyed ("save food!"). Such product recalls are expensive and – what is much more important – damaging to a company's image. In addition to comprehensive inspection procedures in every production stage the measures also include the installation of product inspection systems in the packing lines prior to dispatch.


The systems are used to inspect drink powders and spice blends that are packed in metallised film. They especially search for metal particles but also detect other contaminations. Because of the conductive properties of metallised film inspection cannot be performed with standard metal detectors. To still be able to meet quality demands and prevent food waste the producer decided to use X-ray scanners of the RAYCON range from Sesotec for contaminant inspection. Sesotec is able to meet the high demand specifications with respect to sensitivity and to guarantee swift installation.




Sesotec RAYCON product inspection systems feature sophisticated and reliable X-ray technology and fully meet the quality requirements of the food and packaging industries. The combination with modular conveyor belts allows a customised adaptation to different products and local conditions.


RAYCON product inspection systems provide high-precision inline detection of many contaminants, e.g. magnetic and non-magnetic metals, glass, ceramics, stones, raw bones, and some types of plastics. This also is possible with the type of aluminium packing that is used here. Weight deviations (overweight and underweight) also can be detected. With the "Autolearn" function a new product can be learned in no time at all.


With the "Retrain Region" function the operator for example no longer has to manually make sensitivity settings in order to prevent

incorrect separations e.g. due to spice clumps.


Due to these and other automated functions machine operators no longer need any expert knowledge, and standstill times for calibration or retooling are reduced.


RAYCON X-ray systems are absolute state-of-the-art with respect to detection possibilities, radiation protection, and system safety. When properly used the X-ray scanner is non-hazardous for operators and products. Radiation levels are many times below the statutory limits. EU directive 1999/2/EC expressly allows X-ray systems for contaminant inspection even for organic food. Innovative X-ray technology offers comprehensive additional benefits for users, which puts the additional costs of purchase and operation into perspective  


Uli Hurzlmeier, Product Manager of Business Unit Food at Sesotec, says: "We were able to demonstrate to our customer a high level of know-how in the field of X-ray inspection, and we were able to prove that we can meet special design and documentation requirements in a very short time. Our expertise and our technical support are unique. And RAYCON also could convince with its price."


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