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E-Scrap Recycling at Swiss Redux

Swiss Redux separates e-scrap with Sesotec sorting systems


Swiss Redux  

About Swiss Redux


Swiss Redux Wallis AG, headquartered in the Swiss Steg-Hohtenn municipality, is a clean-tech company focussing on the recovery of raw materials. The company comprises SWISS

Redux® Group AG, SWISS Redux® Engineering AG, and SWISS Redux® Wallis AG. The latter has specialised in the recycling of reusable materials, especially metals and plastics.


In January 2013 a new state-of-the-art raw material recycling plant was put into operation in Steg in the canton of Valais/Switzerland. The plant in Steg is the first of its kind in Switzerland. Swiss Redux has the world's most modern process for the large-scale industrial separation of composite materials with excellent purity results of the recycled materials. Taking into consideration different aspects this patented process was inspected and assessed positively by the TÜV in Germany.



Use of WEEE-Sort Systems

In the Swiss Redux plant different fractions of electrical and electronic waste pass through four  WEEE-SORT systems of Sesotec.


The task of the sorters is to separate plastics from the e-scrap fractions with a minimum loss of metals.



At the Swiss Redux plant in Steg the model type WEEE-SORT CM with an operating width of 1920 mm was installed. In addition to the separation of plastics from a mixed fraction this sorter also can be used for the separation of printed circuit boards or wires.


WEEE-Sort   WEEE-Sort


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