Facts and Figures

Sesotec is a leading manufacturer and developer of inspection, separation and sorting systems, with a global reputation.

Product range
Areas of application: Production and preparation
Purpose of systems: Identification and separation of metal particles and other contaminants, sorting
  mixed material flows into pure fractions
Products: loose and packaged products as well as fibrous materials, granules, powders, pastes
  and liquids.
Environments: Conveyor belts, bulk material columns, pneumatic conveying systems and many others.
Uses: Quality assurance, meeting legislative standards, machine protection and increased productivity,
  added value

Our customers' industries:
Food, Pharmaceuticals, Plastics, Wood, Glass, Recycling (plastics, glass, wood)
Customers in over 60 countries
Export quota: over 50%

The Company
  Marc Setzen
  Markus Schwarzkopf

500 employees
Company was established in 1976

Contact details:
Sesotec GmbH
Regener Straße 130
D-94513 Schönberg - Germany
Phone: +49 (0) 8554 / 308-0
Fax: +49 (0) 8554 / 2606