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Probat uses Sesotec metal detector for inspecting coffee

Global market leader for coffee roasting machines uses Sesotec metal separators


About Probat

Probat-Werke von Gimborn Maschinenfabrik GmbH has been manufacturing roasting machines and plants for over 140 years, and as a global market leader holds about 115 patents, emphasising the company's leading position in this technology. The company's core competences not only include the design and production of roasting machines and roll mills, but planning and implementation of complete production plants. Probat has about 600 employees worldwide, of whom some 400are based in Germany. The company has subsidiaries in the USA, Brazil, India, Italy, and the Philippines. About 90 percent of Probat's products are exported to other European countries, North America, and to Asia-Pacific.



Task RAPID 4000

Machines are developed and manufactured primarily in Germany at the Emmerich plant. The research and development centre, opened in 2012, has all Probat roasting systems presented on an industry scale and serves for internal research, but also as a customer for demonstrations and test facility. To meet stringent quality requirement Probat uses an Sesotec RAPID 4000-FS metal separator in the raw coffee line of its research centre as part of quality assurance.



RAPID 4000 Solution

The RAPID 4000-FS metal separator is integrated in free-fall conveyor pipes to inspect dry bulk materials. It will detect all magnetic and non-magnetic metal contaminants (steel, stainless steel, aluminium, ...), which, once detected are  removed by the separation unit ("Quick Flap"). Separation is performed without any interruption in the material flow.


The RAPID 4000-FS metal separator features a low overall height and can thus be easily integrated into existing pipeline systems.

The detection and separation units are designed as two separate components; the free-fall height is therefore individually adapted to local conditions. The reject outlet can be rotated to suit the position of the collecting container. Standard Jacob pipe connections allow installation with minimum effort. For improved product effect compensation the metal detector features both auto-learn and manual adjustment. Preset operating parameters provide outstanding ease of operation.




Jörg Schaper, Sesotec area sales manager, is enthusiastic about this application: "Probat has extensive know-how in the production of first-class roasting machines characterised by their economic efficiency, flexibility, quality, long service life, and availability. Probat products operate consistently for many years. Machines with an operating life of over 30 years are not uncommon. To secure its market and technology leadership Probat employs the highest standards in research, process and product development. The fact that they use magnet systems and metal separators made by Sesotec demonstrates the performance, quality, and reliability of our systems."



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